Friday, February 4, 2011

Update -- End Of January 2011

I've accomplished some milestones this year.  A test application is available on the android market with a quick search for "Ascent" or using the application code shown below.

What started out as an accelerometer-controlled nightmare has turned into a much easier-to-use on-screen interface.  Even this needs a lot of tweaking, but the results are much, much better.  Currently, the application allows a user to navigate through a cave-type level, with some minimal collision detection that throws a user back to the middle of the room they were in.  Certain areas of a level have difficulty rendering at decent frame-rates due to the un-optimized nature of the game, so far.

Please see some of the current screenshots and temporary graphic art below, or visit the current application webpage on the market: Ascent.


Screenshot - 1

Screenshot - 2